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One of the greenest and most beautiful triathlons of Belgium. The 2nd half has Xterra allures and is fully offroad. 1km swim in the barrage of Nisramont, 42km cycling ( 1000 altimeters ) over typical Ardennes roads with 2 x climbing the widely wall of Maboge, 16km challenging but doable MTB course and a hard trail run of 10km, on 23/07/17. There will also be a light version of 500/21/18/5.




The online registrations for 2017 are closed. If you still want to participate in this beautiful race, send an email to info@sportevents.be

Everybody who registers, agrees with our general conditions and cancelation policy.

If you have problems to register please try another browser like the latest versions of IE, Safari, Google Chrome or Firefox.
Start women: 09.30
Start men 10.03
Swim: 1000m – 2 laps
Bike: 42km – 2 laps
MTB: 16km – 1 lap
Run: 10km – 2 laps
200 entries
Urban Trisport 3series – vinkje_20x20
90 euro to Dec 31
100 euro to May 31
110 euro From June 1
Start women: 10.45
Start men 10.45
Swim: 500m – 1 lap
Bike: 21km – 1 lap
MTB: 16km – 1 lap
Run: 5km – 1 lap
200 entries
Urban Trisport 3series – kruisje_20x20
70 euro to Dec 31
80 euro to May 31
90 euro From June 1


1. How to get there - accessibility - parking

Secretary, transition and finish at the Wilnishof at Nisramont.
ADDRESS: Nisramont 51, 6983 La Roche-en-Ardenne
GPS: 50°08’26” N, 5°39’21” E


Click here to take a look at the map in Google Maps.

2. Program and schedule

Saturday 22 July 2017:
16:00 to 17:00 Pick up bib numbers tent Wilnishof

Sunday 23 July 2017:
07:30 to 10:15 Pick up bib numbers tent Wilnishof
07:30 to 10:15 Transition zone Wilnishof open to place running gear and MTB
07:30 to 10:45 Transition zone barrage Nisramont open to place road bike (to 10:45 for short distance)
09:30 Start women Nisraman long distance
10:03 Start men Nisraman long distance
10:45 Start Nisraman short distance

15:30 Podia Nisraman short distance
16:00 End of the race
16:00 Podia and award ceremony Wilnishof finish area

3. Participation Package

  • Wonderful course
  • Showers and changing rooms
  • High quality aid stations on the course and at the finish
  • Guarded transition areas
  • Results immediately available on www.chronorace.be  and live coverage on our website
  • Electronic chip with ankle strap
  • Coolmax finisher shirt for every competitor
  • Returning swimsuit and dry clothing from T1 to T2

Insurance for physical injuries are NOT included in the registration fee.

4. Spectator information

This information will be provided as soon as possible.

5. Changing rooms, showers

After the race you can take a shower in the changing rooms of the Wilnishof, located at the finish.

6. Specific Rules - Penalties

On top of the usual racing rules, the participant will also agree to the following specific rules for the NISRAMAN:

1. For the cycling test (40km on the road) stayering is prohibited and you should keep at least 15 meters of distance. One may use a trial bike and aerobar. If you wish you can also finish this test with the mtb. However, the MTB should NOT have an aerobar.
2. If you DO NOT change from cycle you need to go trough the 2nd transition area while RUNNING.
3. The bikes must have good brakes. Cycling without functioning brakes are rejected without mercy.
4. One can only start with a UCI approved cycle (26 “- 27.5″ – 29 ” wheels).

7. Time limits

After swimming – 35 min
After cycling – 2h45
After MTB – 4h30

If you not reach within this time, you can not continue the contest and / or are not included in the results.

8. Aid station(s)

There are only aid stations during the running course. For the Nisraman long distance this will be after 3km, 5km, 8km and at the finish. For the Nisraman short distance just after 3km and at the finish.

hammerforsiteAvailable at specialist retailers and the online shop of Hammer Nutrition.

9. Prize allocation

Sunday 23 July 2017:

In addition to the bonus of the battle of the sexes (€750) :

Nisraman long distance:
Men and women overall : 750 – 300 – 150 euro*

* If less than 200 registrations: 500 – 200 – 100
* Cash prizes will be paid only to those who finish in less than 10% time after the winner.

Nisraman short distance:
Podium men and women overall – Prizes in nature

10. The Nisraman Triathlon on Facebook

Register now and stay tuned about the latest news of this event.

On the image below, you can click on the camera to get an enlarged view or you can click on the paperclip to download the tracks on routeyou.

Long distance:


Short distance:

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1. Holiday home Nisramont

This exclusif holiday home is situated in Nisramont at 10km from La Roche and 13km from Houffalize (10-12 persons) . This modern house was build in 2013. There are 6 rooms all with bathroom/toilet and view at the barrage.

2. Vayamundo - Ol fosse d'Outh

Do you need a moment without stress? There is no better place than the Ardennes. In the club Vayamundo in Houffalize you can completely unwind in nature, or are you looking for adventure .. The Ardennes has it all!
The club was recently completely renovated: rooms, restaurants, an entrance hall and a brand-newfitness and wellness area makes it complete. Just enjoy!

For booking: contactcenter@vayamundo.be or bytelephone on 078 156 100.
Mentioned X-trails with your reservation and enjoy the weekend package in half pension for only €150 per person. Single supplement €15 per night.
Enjoy a 10% early booking discount if you book 60 days before your stay.

3. Camping Buitensport

Just outside Houffalize lays this small camping ( with 10 wooden bungalows ). THE place if you have a limited budget – Camping buitensport


4. La Barak

Contrary to what you might suspect from the name, La Barak is a brand new house with two spacious guest rooms. Located in Bérismenil at 470 meters altitude, between La Roche-en-Ardenne and Houffalize in the Ardennes, you can enjoy a breathtaking view.

La Barak

5. La Laiterie

The Inn La Laiterie is the basecamp of Brandsport, their activities are organized by the inn and is beautifully situated amidst the forests of the Ardennes. You will find this cozy Auberge La Laiterie just outside the village of Mierchamps, about 7 km south of La Roche-en-Ardenne. The building owes its name to its previous use: the local ‘dairy’ or Laiterie.

La Laiterie

6. La Copette

La Copette at Wibrin, a few kilometers from Achouffe, has two spacious guest rooms equipped with a modern bathroom and shower, sink and toilet. For breakfast you can do in their kitchen, because at La Copette the family atmosphere is central. If you wish, you can also make use of their lounge, where you can do a nice chat, enjoy a drink, … . Do you like a home and family atmosphere? Then you will feel at HOME in La Copette. The long opening hours will certainly appeal to you.

La copette

7. Les 5 Ourthes

In the last protected site of the Ardennes, in Nadrin, the hotel Les 5 Ourthes offers luxurious rooms. You dream to have peace and to go for walks, fishing, climbing, kayaking, gastronomy and so much more? Then Les 5 Ourthes is your choice.

Les 5 Ourthes

8. Les cabanes de Rensiwez

The cabins are fully equipped to offer you unparalleled comfort: kitchenette, wood stove, some of our cabins even have a sauna or Nordic bath …

Several activities are offered: fishing, kayaking, horseback riding or biking, massages … We also offer delicious breakfasts and evening meals.

Reservations : Click here.

photo-05-400x477  dsc_1173-400x477

photo-12-400x477  photo-09-400x477

photo-03-400x477  photo-10-400x477


Results available from 23 July on www.chronorace.be


2016 – Nisraman Long distance – 172 participants
2016 – Nisraman Short distance – 65 participants


2015 – Nisraman Long distance – 123 participants
2015 – Nisraman Short distance – 54 participants


2014 – Nisraman Long distance – 145 participants
2014 – Nisraman Short distance – 38 participants


2013 – Nisraman Long distance – 115 participants


2012 – Nisraman Long distance – 124 participants

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